Pre- & Post-Registration List Rental

Pre- and post-registrant lists (US Mail or email) will be available for rent and are for one-time use only. The list will not include registrants from the EU or Canada, and members who have opted-out of receiving third party communications.

  • For the pre-registrant listings, expect to receive approximately 1,000 names and addresses.
  • For the post-show registrant listings, expect to receive approximately 1,100–1,200 names and addresses.

Order form will be available in March.

Warning! Beware of Unauthorized List Rental

Some exhibitors may be contacted by vendors such as "CRM Data Sales" and "Demand Generation" soliciting exhibitors to purchase AALL "unlimited use" attendee lists. Please note that these companies have no affiliation with AALL.  AALL is the only authorized provider of the AALL 2020 conference registrant list and the list can only be obtained by submitting the form provided in the information above. Do not reply back to any emails you receive that are not from AALL as they serve to verify your email address for these scams.

See this industry article about fake list vendors.