Virtual Exhibit Hall FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does my company’s information get onto the Virtual Exhibit Hall website?

Your company will designate one person to be in charge of inputting your company’s data in the conference website backend (Exhibitor Harvester) and provide the person’s name and email address to AALL. This person will receive an email invitation to log into the Exhibitor Harvester, where he or she will be guided through a set of tasks to input your company’s details. These details include but are not limited to the company name, description, tags/categories, logo, PDF handouts, and web links.

2. Will attendees be able to locate companies using the search?

Yes, an attendee may type in the company’s name, keywords from the description, and any of the pre-determined tags/categories (e.g. Document Delivery Services Or Legal Research Platforms) in the search bar and the results will filter appropriately. Also, in addition to providing a webpage listing of exhibitor names, AALL will provide a webpage listing of exhibitors organized by tags/categories in case attendees prefer to begin their search that way.

3. Will exhibitors be able to track attendees accessing their page/links, etc.?

Yes. Your company’s designated contact will be able to download a CSV lead retrieval report containing information from the attendee’s profile. AALL will have a single sign on integration between its member database and the virtual event platform, and at a minimum every attendee will have their first name, last name, and email address pre-populated for them in the virtual event platform. In addition, all exhibitors will also receive a free pre-conference and post-conference list of all registrants and those will also contain the attendee’s first name, last name, and email address.

4. How will the live video chat scheduling work?

An exhibitor may have up to four representatives assigned for live video chat at one time. Your company’s designated contact may schedule sales representatives accordingly through the Exhibitor Harvester during the partner day on Monday, July 13 and on Tuesday, July 14 through Thursday, July 16.  You can add an unlimited number of sales representatives to the list but only 4 representatives may be available at one time. Your designated contact will be able to post available hours for each representative. There is no limit on hours for the live video chat. You may use the live video chats for demos and share your screen. 

Please note while you are on a video chat, any attendee may join that video.

5. What resources may an exhibitor upload?

In addition to the basic information about your company, you may also upload one featured PDF brochure that will be shown next to your exhibitor listing.

You will have the ability to upload up to 3 additional PDF files and 3 web links (6 total resources).

  • The 3 PDFs are intended specifically for items like catalogues, additional brochures, etc. Specs: each PDF should be no larger than 5 MB. The 3 web links may be links to your website, links to social media, or links to videos hosted on another platform (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo).

A short introductory video/advertisement may also be uploaded. The video will be seen by attendees within your listing. Specs: MP4 file, no larger than 200 MB.

Exhibitors may upload an exhibitor education session collected through the Education Harvester. Your company’s designated contact may pre-record one 30 to 45 minute session (only audio recorded over power point slides).

As part of your virtual exhibit booth, you may showcase a maximum of three new and exciting products. If your company has a product to showcase, you will need to submit the product’s name, brief description, an image, and a PDF brochure and AALL will associate it with your company.

6. How will sponsors be recognized?

Sponsors will be featured more prominently compared to Exhibitors who are not sponsors on the Virtual Conference homepage and a sponsor badge with level of sponsorship will be listed next to your company’s name.

7. Would there be access to more staff registrations for the full Virtual Conference than the two allotted for each exhibitor?

Exhibitors would be able to purchase additional Virtual Conference registrations at the 2020 Virtual Event Registration. Please note these registrations do not give the same access as exhibitor representatives for live chats, demos, etc.

8. How long will the Virtual Exhibit Hall information be available to attendees?

Information will remain accessible to attendees through July 31, 2020.

9. How can an AALL Membership Email List be purchased and what are the rules for use?

The AALL members email list may be purchased for $1,500 and is available for a one-time use and must be used within six months of purchase. A sample of the email being sent is required for approval. Please email with the subject line “AALL Member List” to purchase the full membership list. You do not need to include anything in the body of the email.

10. Can we do our own prize drawings?

Yes, you are encouraged to do that to increase traffic to your page. A giveaway badge will also be assigned next to your company’s name. You may include a link to an external site your company creates (e.g. a survey, a web form) and a giveaway button will be turned on for your listing automatically. This is another opportunity for your company to generate leads.

11. What are the hours of the Virtual Exhibit Hall?

The Virtual Exhibit Hall pages will be live until July 31, 2020.  AALL’s live Virtual Conference starts at 10:30am CT and ends at 4:30pm CT.  There are also no conflict times during the Live Conference to help you get traffic to your page. Since pages remain live, exhibitors may accept or schedule chats beyond the day’s scheduled ending time of 4:30 PM.

Virtual Booth Hours (Central Time) – No Conflict Times

*Monday, July 13          10:30AM – 4:30 PM      

Tuesday, July 14           1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Wednesday, July 15      1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Thursday, July 16          1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

*Partner Solutions Day, an exclusive no-conflict day for attendees to explore the vendors in the virtual exhibit hall.

12. How are we able to brand our virtual booth?

You will be assigned a login to the AALL Expo Harvester where you will be asked to complete a series of steps to build your virtual presence, starting with company contact information that includes a company description, website, and social media links.  You will also be instructed on how to upload a company banner graphic and company logo to better identify you. This is an effective way to make your booth much more noticeable to attendees.